Cyprus Paphos Hotels

Anemi Loyalty Programme

 ‘Make stays at Anemi even more rewarding’


Register for FREE and get 500 (five hundred) points (thus 20 EURO) as a bonus where you can redeem immediately on your next booking with us.  Therefore, for every 100 points you will receive €4 discount.

When you make a booking, make sure you fill the promo code in the relevant box (next to ‘search’) to get the 5% privilege discount.  Your promo code is written on your first email received from us confirming your registration to our Loyalty Programme.

 For every €2 spent on hotel accommodation, 1 (one) point will be accumulated on your account.

5% discount will be applied on your accommodation and terms cost, this is applicable for a minimum stay of 3 nights and the booking must be made directly through Anemi Hotel online reservation system. ( or

Redeeming Points
To redeem your points against your accommodation cost, simply sign in to your account on the Anemi Hotel website ( or and use the amount of points you wish to be deducted from your accommodation cost. Any amount which is then paid will accumulate additional points at the rate of 1 point per €2.00 spent.

NB: Points are accumulated ONLY when bookings are made directly on the Anemi Hotel website, or and gained only from the accommodation and terms cost.

Taxi transfers and welcome packages are not receiving any discount or points.