Cyprus Paphos Hotels


The charming west coast town of Paphos with its attractive little harbor, and its 13th century castle where open-air fish restaurants line a quayside of bright fishing boats and pleasure crafts, is ideal for your Cyprus Holidays.

As the capital of Cyprus for 600 years in antiquity, the archaeological legacy of Pafos (Paphos) is such that UNESCO put the whole city on its World Cultural Heritage List.

One of the top Cyprus Attractions is in Paphos, The World Heritage Site, and is home to many marvelous and world class historical sites and treasures. Ancient legend tells us that this is the birthplace and home of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty. Paphos (or Pafos) is one of the most beautiful and ancient towns in Cyprus, an island blessed with history.

Admire the intricate floor mosaics in villas dating back to the Roman period depicting scenes from Greek mythology, considered among the finest in the Eastern Mediterranean. Equally impressive are the underground Tombs of the Kings carved out of solid rock and decorated with Doric pillars. Or visit St. Paul’s Pillar where legend has it the Apostle was flogged before converting the Roman governor, Sergius Paulus, to Christianity, and making Cyprus the first country in the world to be governed by a Christian. Then there is the ancient Odeon Theatre, various Museums and the national park of Akamas Peninsula.

Paphos today being one of the most popular destinations of Cyprus, with its Paphos International Airport, manage to attract visitors from all over the world but also locals at the same time. Paphos Old Town, known as “Ktima” where the main residential area is with its beautiful Town Hall and Schools, and Kato Paphos , by the coastline, with its hotels spreading around the castle.

Enjoy classical opera under the stars in the romantic setting of the medieval castle overlooking Pafos harbour during the various summer festivals. Or jive to the latest dance tunes at a plethora of entertainment spots, part of the modern town’s varied nightlife. Pafos won’t disappoint you.